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Web Design
Portal to your Business

Besides social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, having a website for your new business (or updating an old website) is now more essential than ever before.
Websites will be custom designed and be unique to your business.

My process for designing and building sites are as follows:

  1. Communicate with client. Gathering all preferred options i.e. colour preference, what photography work, font, menu style, domain name needed, web hosting etc....
  2. Design & build. Complete a working site for the client to preview.
  3. Communicate with client. Let the client advise on any changes and/or give advice to client.
The most improtant aspect for me is to communicate and work closely with the client throughout.

Prices for Website design and build start from £350. Please contact me for a free no obligation quote.


Oriental Delight WEbsite Image
Oriental Delight Restaurant in Bebington. Not too much going on within the design. I kept it simple whilst still offering some dynamic elements.

Trendz logo
Trendz Hair Studio in Chester. Modern elements in both design and colour. Classic sidebar with social media buttons in desktop site.

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